Paxton is an Italian company, set up in 1996, with the purpose of devising solutions of innovative design. In 1999 Paxton launched its first line: Paxton Modular, a modular system in clear polycarbonate and aluminum, that immediately received great interest both from operators in the sector and from the specialized press. Current production includes the extraordinary Xelo TV Stands. All Paxton products are internationally patented and are noted for the high quality of materials used, for their design and for their modular and easy-to-use features.

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Fluowall is an innovative modular system suitable for creating partitions for environments, divider structures and backdrops. Modern, exclusive design, bright colors, curving shapes: thanks to these essential features, Fluowall dividers are capable of adding a touch of personality and originality to even the simplest and most anonymous space in just a few moments.  Installation is quick and simple, and allows any type of configuration to be created in just a few moments. The range of available colors makes Fluowall a particularly versatile system, suitable for use both at home and in fittings for stores, offices, showrooms and trade fair stands.

Xelo is an innovative floor support, suitable for supporting plasma/LCD monitors of up to 52" (45 kg). Xelo aims to bring together functionality, safety and design. The curving lines and bright colors make this an object with an original design, destined to take on the leading role in the spaces in which it is inserted.  Thanks to its exclusive design and its impressive qualities, Xelo can be used in stores, showrooms, stands and permanent and temporary installations for private spaces and public areas. In addition, it is particularly suitable for specialized installations, such as television sets, stores within stores and promotional events.

Elio is an innovative floor stand, designed to hold screens up to 52 " (40 kg).  Featuring a clean cut and stylish design, Elio has drawn inspiration from the forms and design of the Sixties, reviewed with a highly contemporary touch.  Constructed in carbon steel and aluminum, Elio is both lightweight and robust.  Its minimal weight and simple assembly means that it can be quickly assembled and disassembled by one person alone.  Thanks to its features, Elio is easily integrated with any type of furnishing, whether classic or modern.  It can be used in the home, commercial environments, offices and public areas.  It is also suitable for use in specialist installations, such as on television sets, at presentations and any promotional events in general.

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