Modern Swivel Chairs

A modern swivel chair doesn’t have to mean an office chair. Cantoni has an ever-growing collection of beautiful contemporary swivel chairs for any room in the house. Check out our selection of swiveling office, living room, dining room and any room chairs!

A modern swivel chair is a sleek and easily accessible addition to any room. It instantly gives the room a contemporary personality and a mod vibe. Many of our modern swivel chairs have unique features that make them stand out with their own individuality. But it’s the same core ideas of incredible comfort and great design that allow them to truly be exclusive.

There are many different types of swivels, but two main kinds are most prominent in Cantoni’s modern swivel chair lines. One of these can swivel either direction freely, without any pull or force to push against. The other is constructed like a rotary phone and known as a “memory swivel.” This type swings back from its starting point when pushed. A free swivel chair may be better suited for a room with many different focal points. For example: a living room with a fireplace or TV in different places may be more easily enjoyed in a chair with a swivel option. A memory swivel might be a better choice for a room that needs extra help always looking tidy and picked up. With a memory swivel, every piece would be perfectly in place. Cantoni offers a great selection of swivel chairs for every room.

Many of Cantoni’s most beautiful chairs come with a swivel option so you can make them fit in your home however you would like. With many great fabric and leather choices, you can find the perfect modern swivel chair for your home in no time!

With options for every room including office executive chairs, living room lounge chairs, dining room chairs and barstools, Cantoni has a truly incredible selection of modern swivel chairs for every room and every style. Choose from every material from soft and plush fabric, to sleek and smooth leather. We select only the best options for our showrooms, however, certain styles and pieces can also be customized to better suit your needs and desires for a design that is every bit of you as it is Cantoni!

Having a little trouble choosing the right chair for your space? Stop in one of our five Cantoni showroom locations and speak with a Cantoni design consultant today! You can also view certain styles and pieces in person to get a better feel for how they would fit in your home! Our design consultants are trained and experienced in beautiful interior design and today’s hottest trends. With an eye for great design and an extensive knowledge of Cantoni products, our designers will help formulate options with their advice but always keeping your tastes and styles in mind. Stop by a Cantoni showroom today to test out your new swivel chair and to get started finding the perfect chair for you!