Modern Benches

Modern benches are more than just a place to put your shoes on, they're also a work of art. With beautiful leathers, fabrics, metals and woods, Cantoni's contemporary benches are another great choice to our modern furniture options. Whether its for the living room, bedroom or hallway, a good bench serves many purposes. Put it to work as additional seating or view it as structural artwork. Whatever way you use your Cantoni modern bench, it will always be an attractive addition to your home.

Benches are a great addition to any space because they can fit in virtually anywhere and still look great. Any open space that has left you pondering what to put in its place can easily be replaced with a perfectly functional and beautiful modern bench from Cantoni. We have an enormous amount of options that include several different shapes, colors and materials. You can count on Cantoni to have your favorite modern bench before you even see it!

MATERIALS: Cantoni’s modern benches are made from the finest materials, ensuring that you get the highest and best quality items every time. Choose from soft and sensual suede materials that are both easy on the eyes and easy to the touch. Or choose a more powerful leather option in several different shades. A leather option ensure that it will always be the most elegant piece in the room. Another material alternative is metal. A shiny metal piece always stands out and helps to create the perfect modern and industrial feel that all minimalistic households strive for.

SHAPE: Our contemporary benches come in several shapes and sizes to create a nice diverse selection for your home. If you’re looking for a more structured and serious piece, choose a rectangle versus a piece with rounded edges. The rounded edges give a softer feel to the setting and create a little more of a light-hearted atmosphere.

COLOR: Cantoni always has a wide variety of colors for every piece we sell. We want to make absolutely sure that the piece you pick fits perfectly with the rest of your space. With several generic options of brown, white, black and grey, Cantoni can also get some of your favorite pieces in the color of your choice. By customizing your pieces, you make sure everything matches or is mismatched in a perfect way.

If you’re looking for a sturdy and attractive space-filler for any room in the house, check out Cantoni’s selection of modern benches. Many people use benches as a replacement for the standard arm chairs that usually sit parallel to their couches in the living room. In today’s world of design and decoration, there are no rules and the limits are endless to what you can do in your home.

If Cantoni’s selection of modern benches is too overwhelming for you, stop by any of our five showroom locations in Texas, California or Georgia to speak with a design consultant or view your favorite products in live form. Our design consultants are trained with experience in design and extensive Cantoni product knowledge to allow them to make the best choices and decisions when helping you find your perfect pieces.