Modern Seating

Modern seating is definitely Cantoni’s forte. With every kind of sofa imaginable to hundreds of chairs and chaises, Cantoni has contemporary designs down to a science. Customers at Cantoni can view our selection of modern seating in any of our stores or talk to a design consultant for more information on customizing the perfect piece for their home!

modern seating

Couches, Sectionals and Sleeper Sofas: The possibilities are endless with our gorgeous modern seating selection. Choose from contemporary and unique couches or be practical and functional with a plush sleeper sofa. All of your visitors will be able to fit easily and comfortably on a spacious sectional with plenty of room to stretch out. Even overnight guests will sleep peacefully on our soft and dreamy sleeper sofas. Our customizable couches, sectionals and sleeper sofas will be uniquely yours after designing a stunning piece that fits perfectly into your lifestyle.

Chairs, Chaises and Recliners: Say goodbye to your old, outdated recliners and stretch out in any of our attractive chaise lounges or modern recliners. You’ll feel like royalty on your beautifully hand crafted throne of a chair found only at Cantoni. With so many features and finishes, each chair will feel like it was made for you – because it was!

Benches, Stools and Beanbags: Looking for some unconventional modern seating? Consider many of our unique benches, stools and beanbags. Whether you're putting your feet up or crashing in a game room Cantoni has the perfect seat for you! If you’re looking for something to sit gracefully at the end of your bed or wait patiently in a hallway, a delightful bench is always up to the challenge!

Covers and Finishes: When buying modern seating from Cantoni, you can expect only the best elements to be put into crafting your perfectly personalized piece. Choose from traditional and refined leather sectionals or a bold and outgoing swivel chair as a statement piece. Whatever choice you make is sure to be the right one when choosing modern seating from Cantoni, especially when you enlist the help of one of our talented design consultants. 

Options and Features: Cantoni’s seating selection is not only beautiful but functional and purposeful as well. There are hundreds of features available for whatever your needs are. Whether you want moveable headrests or backrests, swivel bases, removable seat and back cushions or a recliner that is revealed with the press of a button, Cantoni has it all. After deciding on the right piece, customize it your way with your choice of covers and finishes followed by top of the line functions.

Modern seating is one of Cantoni’s most experienced areas. Always bringing you the most modern and contemporary styles, Cantoni is the leader in contemporary seating. If you’re looking to go a more transitional and sophisticated route than the opposing more whimsical pieces, we’ve got you covered there too. Come in to any of our friendly locations in Dallas, Houston, Atlanta, Irvine or Los Angeles to begin designing your very own modern seating today. Our attentive staff is ready and waiting to help you with all of your contemporary furniture needs.