Modern Cocktail Tables and Coffee Tables

The center of any modern living room or family room space is the modern coffee table.  It's a place to eat, prop your feet up, or play your favorite game. Choose the right one and it can even provide extra seating when the occasion calls for it.  Choose a cocktail table made out of wood, metal, glass, stone or even leather.  Look for options like convenient storage drawers and tops that swivel in and out depending on the needs of the moment. Too many options to choose from?  Contact a design consultant in one of our showrooms and let them help point you in the right direction.

Our modern coffee tables are extremely unique and made to stand out. With interesting designs, beautiful colors and creative shapes, our cocktail tables will the be the star of the show, or the star of your living room at least. Cantoni’s enormous and ever-growing selection of contemporary cocktail tables allows for frequent redecorating. Feel free to place a coffee table in every room because with our collection, you won’t be able to just pick one!

With so many options for materials, you can set any number of moods with whatever you choose. Select a sleek and cool metal or glass coffee table or go for a warmer and more natural wood option. Cantoni even offers cocktail tables in marble for an extremely elegant touch. Some of our coffee tables do come in plastic for a versatile, indoor and outdoor option.

Of course our coffee tables come in the standard colors such as brown, black, white and grey. But many of the cocktail tables offered at our stores are available in other beautiful colors by custom order. Speak with a design consultant at any of our showroom locations to find the best color for you. Many of our tables are two-toned or even have a swirl of gold in a mix of white marble.

The contemporary cocktail tables at Cantoni come in so many shapes and sizes. Choose from square, circular, rectangle or oval for a more traditional shape. Cantoni has always tried to steer away from traditional and head straight for modern. We offer some interesting shapes such as and octagon and many of our modern coffee tables are two-tiered. Our coffee tables were inspired by so many things as each of their designs is unique. Many show hints of nature inspiration with their wooden components.

With so many options for a new modern coffee table from Cantoni, it can be extremely overwhelming to choose the best one for you. Stop by any one of our five showroom locations in Texas, California and Georgia to speak to one of our extremely talented design consultants. With a combination of skills made up of interior design experience and Cantoni product knowledge, our design consultants can help give design advice and suggestions tailored by your own tastes and styles. With their eye for design, they are ready and willing to help you, no matter how big or small the project.