Floor Lamps

Large and beautiful modern floor lamps have the ability to make a bigger impact on your home’s overall look and feel than you may realize. Without them, a room in your home may be giving off strange vibes or feel off-balanced. Fill those empty spaces with a gorgeously designed contemporary floor lamp from Cantoni. By lighting the room and serving as a piece of artwork, large floor lamps from Cantoni work twice as hard in your home!

Thanks to Cantoni’s generous selection of stylish floor lamps, you can choose the right one for your home’s look and feel. While attractive, and still yet functional, the large floor lamps from Cantoni help to illuminate your space while helping to boost the style of your room. Our stunning display of lamps give you several options when choosing. Its helpful to think of them as more than just lamps, but also large statement pieces to accent your home.

Amplify your style and choose a lamp with attitude. Choose a lamp shade with a little bit of flair or try a more minimalistic approach and select a more reserved option. With everything from metal to glass to even wooden based lamps, Cantoni has the right one for you. If you’re using your lamp as an accent piece, consider one of our lamps featuring a brightly colored cord. For a more futuristic and modern look, check out our selection of shiny and metallic options to see some of the most dazzling lamps available.

If your lamp is more like a large, beautiful accent piece, be sure to find the perfect spot for it in your home. Proper placement is key when decorating with a big piece such as a modern floor lamp. A large, contemporary floor lamp should be streamlined with the curved lines of the existing furniture. It should either be picked to fit in perfectly with the crowd or to stand out and be a statement all on its own. Consider whether your lamp is a statement or not before deciding on a design.

The modern floor lamps at Cantoni are so beautiful, they’re more like a large work of art. An amazing piece that should be treated as a design investment, with a side of functionality. With a huge selection of materials, finishes, shapes and sizes, the perfect floor lamp is waiting for you at Cantoni!

Having trouble choosing the right lamp for your space? Cantoni’s team of innovative designers will help you make the right selection on everything in your home. Whether you’re simply looking for a little extra lighting, or decorating the entire space, contact a design consultant at one of our five Cantoni showroom locations today! With the training and skills that it takes to carefully plan and execute a well put-together home, Cantoni’s design assistants are more than happy to help you with any questions. Your home should be a testament to your style and tastes. If you know what you like, but don’t know how to put it together a Cantoni design consultant will help you.