Modern Decorative Bowls

There are so many uses in the home for modern decorative bowls. From serving to centerpieces, to holding decorative items to being the decoration itself, decorative bowls are easy to arrange in beautiful settings for any room. Choose from different styles, sizes, finishes and colors with Cantoni’s enormous selection of beautifully crafter decorative bowls.

With decorative bowls, you can give your home any feel or vibe you want. Choose brightly colored bowls for a young and exciting addition to catch the eye of any guest. For a more antique or rustic feel, find decorative bowls that are more earth toned. Cantoni has plenty of beautiful metals and alloys that will give your room the extra sparkle and shine that it needs. With everything from silver to gold to copper colored bowls, Cantoni has all the most beautiful pieces your home wants to be noticed.

Many of Cantoni’s decorative bowls are brightly colored to stand out. While some may choose to use their bowls as holders for other decorations, many often use their bowls as the decoration themselves! With plenty of bright and exciting colors, your modern decorative bowls can be just the accent piece your room needs. Make a statement with any size or shaped bowl at Cantoni. Move aside candles and flowers, Cantoni’s selection of fun and colorful contemporary decorative bowls are here the new and exciting centerpiece your dining table has been longing for!

If you’re looking for a subtler look to hold your accent pieces, such as a nice and shiny bowl with eye-catching red apples in them, try choosing a simple neutral colored bowl. Many of our woven bowls give off a more relaxed vibe and fit in well with any environment. But because Cantoni has so many amazing decorative bowls to choose from, you have the ability to decide whether you want the bowl or its contents to be the center of attention!

Choose a large bowl for a big impact on your room. Or opt for an assortment of small bowls for a curated, collected look. The Cantoni world of modern decorative bowls is your oyster! Our bowls are available in wood, woven materials, glass, metals or even alloys and are available in several different shapes and sizes. Shy away from tradition with an interestingly shaped bowl or find a subtle and casual one to fit your empty spaces. Some are even food safe and can transform from centerpieces to serving pieces!

If you’re struggling to find the right accessories or decorative bowls for your home, team up with one of our extremely talented design consultants. Available at any one of our five locations in Texas, Georgia and California, our design consultants are ready and willing to help you. Come check out our gorgeous selection of modern decorative bowls for your home today. No matter if you’re choosing one decoration or revamping an entire room, you can count on our team of designers to help you choose exactly the right look for your home and lifestyle!