Modern Dining Tables

First and foremost, modern dining tables must be functional to accommodate our family and lifestyle, but designers of modern and contemporary dining tables have taken this utilitarian piece of modern furniture and elevated it through the use of exotic woods, high-quality lacquers, artistic glass designs, and metals in many finishes. Cantoni's collection of modern dining tables includes all of these in various sizes in shapes to fit any space and any contemporary style. Don't see what you are looking for? Contact a Cantoni Design Consultant to see how we can help.

Many of our modern dining table offer wonderful features that allow easy expanding for multiple guests. Quite a few of our dining tables have extra leaves that are permanently built in and always with you. Never again will you worry about having to haul in your extra leaves from their hidden spot only to have to spend even more time cleaning them to prepare for extra guests. Simply use the simple installation method, each table has a different method to an easy extraction and positioning, and voila! You have a bigger, yet still elegant extendable table to entertain multiple guests- even surprise guests!

Cantoni is home to hundreds of contemporary dining table, many of which are completely customizable to fit into your home. Choose from several different materials, leg options, colors, sizes and features to make the perfect dining table. Some of the options available for selection are wooden, glass, plastic, marble or metal materials. We also have a large selection of modern dining tables featuring extremely rare and unique base options. With intricate and exclusive designs, our contemporary dining tables will be the star of any dinner party! Choose between unique and extremely modern options or opt for a more minimalistic approach with thin legs.  No matter what design you choose, your new modern dining table from Cantoni will be attractive and practical.

If you’re seeking a smaller table for a narrower space, Cantoni offers several different petite square and round tables. Whether its for a small room or a small crowd, these tables are just as durable and beautiful as our larger or extendable tables and have just as big of a personality! Luckily, if you usually have a small amount of dinner attendees but sometimes host larger parties, our collection of beautiful extendable dining tables is a great option! You can count on Cantoni’s contemporary dining tables to be functional and versatile!

As always, if you find that you’re having difficulty finding the best modern dining table out of our ever-expanding selection, be sure to stop by one of our five showrooms located in California, Georgia and Texas. When you stop in to view the pieces directly, you can also speak to one of our extremely talented design consultants. With their eye for design and knowledge of Cantoni products, our design consultants will be able to help you find the perfect table for your space. So stop by one of our showrooms today to speak to a design consultant and start designing your next modern dining table!