Modern Dressers

A great modern dresser can be so helpful in the bedroom. No matter the size, color or design, our modern dressers will be the most beautiful pieces in your room- aside from the set of nightstands and headboard you have to match! Choose from the many different features and options that Cantoni has to offer and find your perfect modern dresser today!

Our modern dressers offer hundreds of features and options to make them uniquely yours. Besides choosing colors, you can also choose the shape, materials used and many other features of your new, contemporary dresser. Choose from rectangular or even oval shaped dressers with a more rugged, natural wood feel or even a glossy lacquer finish. Some of our dressers come with legs and some without, the same applies to the options of beautiful, custom knobs or some with elegant and minimalistic finger grooves and a soft pulley system. Check out our selection of beautiful dressers with legs for a mid-century look or without for a more enclosed and sturdier feel. There are so many designs to choose from at Cantoni!

If you’re an extremely organized person who is looking for a streamlined approach to your bedroom setup, check out our collection of bedroom sets! With many different pieces, you can choose the ones you need to achieve your desired affect. We have so many options for a mix and match style as well. Choose from our modern headboards and bed frames, nightstands, chest of drawers, dressers, and vanities. Your new bedroom setup will be so contemporary and attractive you may never want to leave!

If you’re having trouble finding the perfect modern dresser to fit in with your bedroom style, don’t hesitate to stop by one of our five showroom locations in Texas, California and Georgia today to view our gorgeous selection. You can get a hands on experience that may alter your opinions of some of our pieces. Not to mention, you can also speak with a Cantoni design consultant to help you decide on the best pieces for your space. With a combination of interior design experience and a knowledge of Cantoni products, our Cantoni design consultants are here to offer you the best advice. Their opinions always reflect today’s hottest trends and never disregard your own personal tastes and styles. Let one of our design consultants help you today, no task is too big or too small!