Modern Freestanding Bars

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Cantoni’s modern freestanding and home bars are the perfect cocktail of style and function. Providing easy access to everything that a stocked bar needs, our modern freestanding bars include spaces for wine glasses, bottles and much more! A home bar is one of life’s simple pleasures; indulge in it with a beautiful home for all your favorite concoctions. Check out Cantoni’s selection of freestanding bars today!

All of our freestanding bars are great-looking as well as practical. Most of them have wheel options that allow them to move easily on any flooring material and to be put away quickly. When completely open, our modern home bars transform into a regular bar ready for entertainment, but can be easily stored away when the party is over. The interior of our freestanding bars offer generous space of storage for wine glasses and your favorite wines. Choose from beautiful materials including light and dark wood options, metal, glass and even leather. Cantoni has everything you could possibly want in a home freestanding bar, and more! Most of our pieces can be easily customized to fit your tastes exactly!

With several choices of contemporary freestanding bars, you may find choosing the right one to be more difficult than you originally anticipated. With the help of one of our talented Cantoni design con

sultants, you can easily be directed using advice pulled from today’s hottest furniture trends and your own favorite styles and tastes. Our design consultants have a combined skill set of interior design experience and Cantoni product knowledge to ensure you get the best fitting pieces for your home. They’ll do such a great job matching your tastes, you’ll think each piece was custom made for you! Stop by any one of our five showroom locations in California, Georgia and Texas to meet our wonderful design consultants today!