Modern Bar Stools

Bar stools and counter stools are essential to some homes. Whether you’re using your counter space as a common eating area or if you’re trying to find the right stools for your at home bar, Cantoni has hundreds of options in materials and features to find the stool that best fits your need.

Cantoni makes it easy to choose the perfect bar stool or counter stool for your space. With hundreds of features, you can be sure to get the right stool for your lifestyle. Cantoni’s modern bar stools and counter stools include all the gadgets and options such as back or no back, swivel or no swivel, arms or no arms, and adjustable height. With today’s latest technologies in hydraulic lifts, modern day bar stools have become extremely advanced. Not to mention, they are also very attractive. Cantoni features only the best options in modern bar stools and counter stools.

Does your home have small children? If you’re running a household with children, you may want to think about which features are best and easiest for a child to access. Options such as bar stools with arms and a back make it safer for children so they cannot easily fall off the stool. Other child-conscious bar stools include features such as a swivel. For a small person who might have trouble pulling a bar stool from a counter, the swivel option makes it easier for them to access the seat without having to pull it out. Luckily, all of these options are possible with the modern bar stools available at Cantoni!

Another option that is great for a home with or without children is fixed versus adjustable bases. Choose between a lift feature, available with advanced hydraulic technologies, or a completely still base. Whether your home has children or not, a backless bar stool should be considered if you’re intending to hide the stool away under the counter overhang or if you intend to use the seat for quick meals. A backless bar stool is ideal for pull up meals. Arms should also be considered, especially if you live in an apartment or small space and intend to use the bar area for the primary location of your meals. If this is the case, arms on your counter stool or bar stool give it more of an elegant feel perfect for enjoying any meal.

There are many materials to consider when picking out your modern bar stool or counter stool for your home. Cantoni has a wide variety of choices such as wood, leather, eccopelle and even plastics. Wood, leather and eccopelle materials look great on indoor bar stools while plastics work well both indoors and outdoors and come in several bright and fun colors. Any of these options would work wonderfully within the right home. ;