Modern Shag Area Rugs

In the past, shag rugs have gained a bad rap. Always being associated with horribly fuzzy 1970’s inspired homes, shag rugs and carpeting had a difficult time shedding that connection (pun intended). Luckily, in recent years, shag area rugs have come to be somewhat of a necessity to the modern home looking to add texture. With their soft, fluffy demeanor they are a cozy addition that stand out in a great way.

No matter what type of flooring your home has, a plush shag area rug will be a perfect addition. Modern shag area rugs look especially inviting on top of nice, smooth hardwood or tile floors. The combination of glossy floors and fuzzy shag rugs is a sight so aesthetically pleasing, it will make you want to cuddle up on it! Thanks to the soft and fuzzy feel of the shag rug, not only is it visually stimulating, but it also feels great. Large, modern area rugs are a great place for lounging and enjoying yourself. The shag area rug works over time on hardwood floors, both protecting the wood floor from scratches and adding style to the entire room. It is both fashionable and functional!

The cozy and warm feeling of a contemporary shag area rug is very inviting to many guests. A beautiful shag rug instantly makes the room feel cozier and warmer. It also adds depth with its naturally uneven texture. A modern shag area rug makes a big statement no matter what room its in! Kick off your shoes and enjoy the plush feel of your new shag area rug from Cantoni!

For a beautifully modern look, pair a contemporary white or eggshell colored shag area rug with a gorgeous tufted couch and acrylic coffee table. The combination of the fur and acrylic give a feel of glamor to the space. Add a touch of gold for even more elegant charm. If you’re going with more of a theme such as “cabin chic,” pair a darker brown shag area rug with heavy wooden and rustic pieces and a dark leather sofa for a touch of traditional masculinity. Glam up the man cave with a shag area rug in a darker shade for a little touch of texture. However you style your new shag area rug from Cantoni, it will make an impact in a big way!

If you’re struggling to find the right rug for your home and haven’t completely been sold on the modern shag area rugs that Cantoni has to offer, stop by one of our five showroom locations in California, Georgia and Texas to speak to one of our sales designers and see the rugs in person. Our design consultants are trained to use a combination of interior design experience and Cantoni product knowledge to help you find the perfect products for your home. Pairing your tastes and styles with their eye for design, they will give you quality feedback and options along with their opinions and advice. Our Cantoni design consultants are ready and willing to help you find your next contemporary shag area rug so stop by Cantoni today!