Leather Beds

Cantoni’s modern leather beds are both beautiful and practical. With an air of sophistication, the leather bed is a great for advancing the beauty of your bedroom. A big, roomy, leather bed is the perfect piece for an aspiring bachelor pad. With plenty of space, a leather bed done in a dark brown or black leather is masculine and bold. Cantoni offers a wide variety of leather beds for any room, mood or event.

In some cases, a large leather bed may seem overly masculine. However, if the leather bed were done in a soft, buttery light brown or off-white color it would seem a little less intimidating. Add button-less tufting or crystal details for even more of a feminine touch. With the help of a Cantoni design consultant at any one of our five locations, you can choose the leather bed of your dreams- or at least the bed your dreams will be created in!

In some ways, a modern leather bed can be a work of art especially since it’s the focal point of the bedroom. Make a statement with beautifully smooth and shiny leather. With options of tufting or patterns to make them stand out, a bed chosen from Cantoni is always unique to you. Whether you customize the size, leather type, color, or accessories Cantoni makes customized bedroom furniture a snap.

A hot leather bed is a lot like a leather couch. The leather headboards and side features are still cool in the summer and warm in the winter but don’t affect how you feel in the bed. A leather bed is more about the looks than a leather couch is about the feeling. Transform your bedroom into a scene from a magazine with a stunning new modern leather bed from Cantoni.

Leather is a sophisticated, practical, beautiful, and alluring. A leather bed is a seductive and attractive choice for the bedroom, calling attention to its sleek lines and interesting characteristics. Cantoni’s many contemporary leather beds are offered in several stunning colors such as black, light and dark brown, beige, and white. Not to mention that these beds are also customizable in nearly any color you could think of. Choose Cantoni for your next home makeover and choose leather for your next bed.

Don’t settle for another boring and lifeless bed made of wood or metal. A beautiful leather bed awaits you and your bedroom. Take the heat up a notch by adding a stunning leather bed with all of the characteristics of your choice. Choose from colors, leather type, and accessories to find the right bed that was made for you. Anyone who enters the bedroom won’t be able to keep their eyes off your amazing and luxurious contemporary leather bed.

Make Cantoni your next stop to find unique and personally customized furniture for your home. Whether you’re buying one piece or redecorating an entire room, Cantoni’s innovative design consultants will be happy to help you in all areas. Visit any one of our five showrooms today to get started customizing your new leather bed!