Contemporary Table Lamps

Many people immediately turn to overhead lighting when trying to plan their illumination situation at home.  What so often gets overlooked in this quest for the perfect lighting and shadow combination are contemporary table lamps. With so many choices in sizes, materials, colors and design, your table lamps can be beautiful statement pieces that amplify your style.

Table lamps are essential to a well lit room. They help make a big impact on a home’s look and feel. Creating intimate settings or lighting dim corners can make a huge difference for the ambience of a room. Contemporary table lamps can also help to complement your décor and shine some light on your most favorite parts of the room. With the proper placement, your lamps can do more than just light up a spot in your living room, they can give the entire vibe of the living room a totally different feeling!

Beautiful contemporary table lamps add timeless appeal to your space. When choosing a lamp, many different designs can change the look and feel of its corner of the room. If you choose a skinnier lamp versus a thicker one, it comes across more modern with a sleek, minimalistic approach to the lighting game. A thicker table lamp is more traditional compared to today’s thinner styles. A more generous base comes off as an elegant piece and would fit in nicely with dark, warm colors tucked away in a cozy library.

When shopping for a new modern table lamp, be sure to pay close attention to the detail and shape of the lamp’s shade. This will help you get an idea of how the lamp will fit in and feel in your home. A straight and simple lamp shade with little design gives a streamlined effect that fits in well with the minimalistic, industrial approach in today’s design. A lamp shade with more shape and curves may lean more towards the conventional lamp styles that are seen more in classic design settings.

While table lamps are easily replaced, it means more to have a product that feels more like a work of art. Cantoni’s modern table lamps are timeless and always fit the setting. Some of our hardworking task lamps are definitely up to the task of helping you get things done at your desk. No matter what lamps you choose for your home, Cantoni’s contemporary table lamps will help light the way to better design.

If you’re having trouble choosing the perfect lamps for your space, contact one of our talented Cantoni design consultants to help shine a little light on the situation. Located at one of our five showroom locations in Texas, Georgia and California, our design consultants are always ready and willing to help you find the perfect designs for you home. With a combined set of skills of Cantoni product knowledge and interior design experience, our design consultants incorporate your tastes and styles into every piece of advice they give. Whether you’re designing an entire home or choosing one, single table lamp for a room, our design consultants are here to offer their best opinions.  

Choosing the perfect table lamp is a more in depth process than one might think. Whether you're looking for thin and minimalistic or chunky and traditional, Cantoni's wide selection of modern table lamps will have the lamp for you! Our beautifully designed and constructed table lamps share the workload between providing both light and decoration. Take a look at Cantoni's table lamps to find the best one that complements our modern furniture selection and works best for your lifestyle!