Contemporary Rugs

When choosing a contemporary rug for your home keep in mind that Cantoni offers a wide variety of rugs to choose from. Available in several sizes, colors, and materials, Cantoni’s modern area rugs are beautiful and practical. View and shop our selection of gorgeous contemporary area rugs today to find the perfect one for your home!

A good area rug is functional and provides good cushion and comfort. A great area rug does all that all while being a beautiful addition for your guests to swoon over. Contemporary are rugs are made to make a room feel more cozy. They are visually warming and can serve as a floor art. Your new contemporary area rug from Cantoni can serve as an accent piece to the rest of the room! With so many beautiful colors and patterns to choose from, Cantoni is the number one place for contemporary area rugs!

Many designers recommend starting with your area rug of choice first before choosing color schemes for your room. This allows you to have a starting point and be inspired by your own rug selection. Of course you can also use your modern area rug as a modern accent rug to be the focal point of the room and to help tie in other pieces with bright colors. A contemporary rug adds more design to the room. Whether you’re looking for a trendy piece to change with the seasons or a timeless item to stay for a while, Cantoni has you covered for modern area rugs.

A rug can be used to help your space look more put-together. By using an area rug under other furniture, it can help pull a large room together for a more connected space. Rugs also help give more dimension to a room that is missing that one certain something. Natural-fiber area rugs can be used to give a room a more relaxed, organic feel. Luckily, Cantoni has an area rug for every home. From large to small, Cantoni’s rugs can help fill any sized space!  

Contemporary area rugs from Cantoni provide comfort and warmth to the room; an extra boost of dimension to help the room have more levels. With a modern area rug your room will be beautifully enhanced and instantly cozy. Choose from hundreds of patterns for a little decoration or choose a solid color for an accent piece. From hand-woven wool to cowhide to hand-loomed viscose, Cantoni has an enormous selection of beautiful and attractive rugs to fit your home and lifestyle.

Come into any Cantoni showroom or shop online to view our gorgeous variety of contemporary rugs. Choose from several different colors, patterns and sizes to find the perfect rug for your space. Having trouble choosing which rug to buy? Ask one of our talented design consultants for assistance! With their extensive knowledge of design and Cantoni products, they can easily help you find exactly what you’re looking for. Come into any one of our five showrooms to speak to a Cantoni design consultant today!